Unelected Leaders

Postdate: 12/ 09/ 2007

The Editor
Fiji Times

Dear Editor

The report (29/08/07) that there was no change in the appointment of the Methodist hierarchy because no procedural secret ballot was conducted in the Methodist Church Conference held in Macuata, raises questions of reliability and transparency.

In the strict sense of the word, proper procedures in the election of the leaders were not fulfilled, and so the leaders could hardly go around saying that they were properly elected or re-elected.

That the President, Laisiasa Ratabacaca remains, and Ratu Peni Volavola as well remains Vice President, Rev. Ame Tugaue remains as General Secretary and Rev.Tuikilakila Waqairatu remains as assistant General Secretary, by motion from the floor of the conference, should have been tested by secret ballot.

A church that calls the current interim regime as unelected and illegal should be seen not only to preach but also to practise strict standards of good governance. In this situation, it is about an exercise in transparency.

For Tuikilakila Waqairatu to announce with delight that the members had shown trust in the leadership of the church is far from adequate. The conference is a representative body of those that are not present at the Macuata Conference and the Methodist constitution with its laws and order should have been seen to be followed.

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