2020 Constitution Day

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7 September 2020, Suva, Fiji – The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) urges Fijians to learn, practice and call for respect of their constitutional rights in light of Constitution Day today.

CCF through its community engagement, implements educational awareness on the Bill of Rights as stipulated under section 2 of Fiji’s 2013 Constitution. This is done with the notion that citizens need a clear understanding of their basic human rights to make conscious decisions that have an impact on themselves, their communities and the nation.

CCF supports the promotion, respect and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms whilst promoting multiculturalism, good governance and the rule of law. These are key elements to bringing about prosperity in all aspects of development in Fiji.    

CCF Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Louchrisha Hussain, believes this Constitution day provides CCF with a platform to educate people and opportunities to engage the public in discussion and discourse around their rights as citizens and hopefully as a starter to more discussion around content in the constitution.

“For CCF this is a day to educate citizens of what is actually in the constitution and from our annual events for the two previous years, we’ve noticed there are a lot of people who are aware of the constitution but don’t actually know what’s in it. So it’s important that this year, we continue to educate people about their rights and also highlight that our rights comes with responsibilities”, said Husain.

While it is important for citizens to understand their rights, they need to also be aware of institutions such as the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission (HRADC) that exist, whose mandate is to protect and promote human rights in both public and private institutions; and also to receive and investigate complaints of alleged human rights violations and take the necessary steps to address those violations.

Since its establishment, CCF has been determined to achieve its mission in working towards a sustainable constitutional democracy while working with women, youths and other marginalized groups as well as public officials and community leaders.

With ongoing advocacy workshops in both rural and peri-urban communities, CCF is hopeful that in due time, citizens of our beloved nation are well equipped with knowledge of their rights in the constitution.

CCF also understands that having the future generation participate in decision making and idea sharing is paramount to its overall contribution to society and its benefaction to constitution day.  

Finally, the CCF team would like to encourage Fijian today, to learn more about their constitution in an effort to understand their rights and ensure that they are promoted, respected and protected.


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Sylvester Racule at media1@ccf.org.fj or 3308379

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