The Fiji Times: Alliance Expresses Concern About the Lack of Information

CCF Chief Executive Officer, Louchrisha Hussain at the press conference that was held in Lautoka.
  • The Fiji Times
  • 26 Jun 2020

THE Fiji Civil Society Organisations Alliance says it is concerned about the lack of access to credible information from Government during the COVID-19 crisis.

Speaking at a news conference in Lautoka this week, Citizens Constitutional Forum CEO Louchrisha Hussain said it was crucial that information was made available in all vernaculars so that no one was left out.

“We urgently call for transparency and the right to access information, not just as Government but as organisations and citizens in order to deal with COVID-19,” she said.

“Citizens’ rights to access information are vital, not only to access public health but also people’s livelihoods and human rights.”

She said it was important that access to information was readily available and in the vernaculars, accurate and delivered in a manner that citizens understood.

“We wish to remind Government of its responsibility in ensuring that all citizens are aware of the policy changes that trickle down to affecting their daily lives.

“Government has an obligation under human rights laws to provide information in accessible formats to all with particular focus on ensuring access by those with geographical difficulties to access internet, marginalised groups and communities or when disability makes accessibility challenging.”

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