The Fiji Times: ‘Budget disregards CSOs submission’

Members of the Civil Society Organisation Alliance for COVID-19 Humanitarian Response after a media conference at the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre in Suva.
  • The Fiji Times
  • 5 Aug 2020

THE 2020-2021 National Budget disregarded submissions made by civil society organisations and the onus is now on Government to try to get us to trust them again.

This was the view expressed by Social Empowerment Education Program director Chantelle Khan during the Civil Society Organisation Alliance for COVID-19 response to the budget held in Suva last week.

She said CSOs were concerned that Government had “blatantly disregarded” workers and individuals who had been struggling prior to the pandemic.

Ms Khan said these people would continue to suffer because of the “controversial” budget.

“They are consistently disregarding the plight of everyday persons and the budget benefits the rich,” she claimed.

“In a robust democratic system, there would be a resounding vote of no confidence from people.

“This budget serves a huge disservice to the people that this Government is supposed to exercise duty and service towards,” she added

Ms Khan said the budget had been passed and the country would now “have to deal with it”.

“That is not fair on us,

we have given our submissions, we have called for it to be more people-centred and let’s pick up on trust again.”

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