Press Release: CCF conducts Parliamentary Advocacy and Civic Education (PEACE) workshops in the Western Division

The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) continued to build awareness on citizens’ engagement with members of parliament and parliamentary processes through convening the second of four divisional Parliamentary Engagement Advocacy and Civic Education (PEACE) workshops.

The second PEACE series workshop was held at the Hexagon International Hotel in Nadi from 15th – 16th April, 2021. A total of thirty-three (33) participants attended from Nadroga, Navosa, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba and Rakiraki.

Participants, within the youth age (18 – 35 years old) ranged from various backgrounds: local NGO sector, local provincial administration, youth and women’s groups, Fiji Disabled People’s Federation and marginalized groups and networks established to address the Western geographic boundary. 

The PEACE divisional workshop series is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Low Value Grant Agreement and has the following objectives: (1) understand various mechanisms and opportunities to engage with parliament, (2) build and strengthen CSO Parliament collaboration and relationships for the benefit of citizens and finally to (3) disseminate information from CSO Parliament engagements for citizens to understand the role and work of Parliament, to effectively engage with parliament and its processes.

Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Louchrisha Hussain states that the practical exercises gives participants the opportunity to understand the various avenues available in order to effectively engage with members of parliament as well as parliament processes.

“It is through the practical and engaging sessions and exercises of the PEACE workshops, where participants are given the opportunity to practice making written and oral submissions to respective parliamentary standing committees.”

“Participants are provided with parliament advocacy materials sourced directly from the official ‘Parliament of the Republic of Fiji’ website ( which helps them understand the engagement processes and various aspects to consider when seeking for effective engagements,” CCF CEO added.

The next PEACE workshop is scheduled for April 19th – 20th in the Northern division. This will also include participants from the close by maritime islands.

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