The Fiji Times: ‘Lengthy processes’ in police brutality cases.

Story by Felix Chaudhary, The Fiji Times. 1 December, 2020, 9:15 pm.

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The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum says it is concerned with the processes involving cases of police brutality.

CEO Louchrisha Hussain said their concerns were in relation to cases reported in the media.

She also said CCF had received concerns of cases highlighted in the press.

“It is troubling that some complainants of police brutality deal with lengthy processes where they find themselves left in the dark while trying to recover from physical injuries and psychological trauma,” Ms Hussain said.

She said the complaints were matters of public interest and the allegations should be addressed efficiently with resources and time, as done so with other serious offences reported.

“We have in the past received complaints from members of the public that they have not been receiving updates or responses on the progress of their cases despite numerous requests made.

“There are also instances where complainants go out of their way to get information that would help with their case.”

The CCF states that because of the lack of response or progress communicated from authorities and constitutionally mandated institutions, complainants seek other avenues with the hopes of moving their cases forward.

Acting Police Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu said police “have an open-door policy where complainants and civil society organisations can reach out to us and address issues such as this”.

He said that was why a meeting was held with representatives from civil society organisations where CCF was also present.

“During the meeting it was agreed upon that if issues of our service delivery were brought to their attention, we requested that communication be made straightaway through the chief operations officer as we take all complaints seriously and if an officer is failing in their duty to provide services such as feedback, we can take necessary disciplinary action,” he said.

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