There is only one human race

Postdate: 23/ 04/ 2008

The Editor
Fiji Sun
Suva .

Dear Editor


Recently there have being a number of references to ‘Race as a biological fact’ in public debate. Notably included amongst them were two former members of parliament – who both had served as ministers with portfolios in previous governments – which came to power under the 1997 Constitution and who were both elected under communal voting.   I refer in this instance to Ratu Jone Navakamocea’s article (Fiji Sun 220408).

In the article, Ratu Jone refers to ‘Race’ in support of maintaining Fiji’s communal voting system. Let’s look at the actual biological facts: About 99.9% of the human genome is identical in all humans. Of this tiny 0.1% average variance, the genetic difference between individuals within one ‘race’ can be greater than the average variance between two so called ‘races’. In other words, the biological difference between two individuals from neighboring Fijian villages can be greater than the average differences between all Indigenous and Indo-Fijians! It is this fact that has led a number of biologists to suggest that ‘race’, as a means of distinguishing humans, is wholly wrong; there is only one human race. Science has now proved that God truly did create all people equal.

It is therefore crucial that this divisive false argument of ‘race as a biological fact’ is removed from public debate.

What Ratu Jone, I believe, is referring to is the rich historical and cultural mix found in Fiji. I believe that the current communal voting system does not reflect our nation’s desire and need to move forward as a multicultural society; a nation in which people from the one human race live side by side respecting each other’s cultural and historical differences; the type of society God intended. The communal voting system only contributes to continued division. We need to move on from a voting system founded and based on ‘racial division’, a division now proven not to exist

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Akuila Yabaki


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