Sharing Peace with the Home of Compassion

International Peace Day (IPD) is commemorated worldwide today – Friday, 21st September. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

In observing this important day, the team from the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum decided to visit the Home of Compassion, located on Princess Rd, to host an interactive talanoa session over morning tea with residents on what peace means to them and the changes they’ve seen throughout the past decades – a recollection of memories through the lens of individuals who’ve lived through time since the 1920’s.

During the talanoa session, Citizens’ Constitutional Forum – CEO, Sara Bulutani said this is a chance for us to reflect on what the word PEACE means to us as individuals.

“We all have different interpretations of PEACE. Some would think of the end of wars, others would be reminded of a particular time in their life where they found peace,” Mr Bulutani said.

This space was utilized to share inter-generational experiences around the theme, and also reflect on experiences of the elderly lived through Fiji’s context and how these experiences directly impacted peace.

One of the eldest residents at the Home of Compassion, Connie Garforth, celebrated her birthday during the activity that was organised by CCF mentioned that she is happy when her family visits her.

“Peace to me is when I see my grand and great-grandchildren,” said the 92 year old from Savusavu.

The theme of IPD this year is “The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70.”

Right to Peace proclaims the obligation of States to “respect, implement and promote” key principles grounded in the notion of human dignity, including equality, non-discrimination, freedom from fear and want, as well as justice and the rule of law.DSC_0083

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