Racism rears its ugly Head!


The Citizens Constitutional Forum has expressed grave concern and is appalled that racism is once again rearing its ugly head as the tone of the debate arising through the Ratu Tevita Mara saga is turning ethno-racist and inflamed.

“Have we not learnt our lesson on how every time racism rears its ugly head, it continues to divide the nation and brings back flashes of the political upheavals of 2000 and beyond?” states CCF CEO Reverend Akuila Yabaki.

“Individuals who resort to such low and shameful comments are only putting fuel in the fire whilst failing to constructively contribute to returning Fiji to constitutional democracy. While calling for democracy and general elections is the right of all individuals and is to be supported, they must refrain from personalized racist comments at a time when other individuals and organizations which a genuine desire to move the country forward are struggling to unite the nation and its people.”

“CCF also believes that the restrictions under the PER has seen more people contribute to such racist and personalized attacks, being forced to turn to blog sites rather than the mainstream media .Whilst debate over issues facing our nation is essential  it must not degenerate into hate and racism.  There’s always a fine balance between exercising your rights to freedom of expression and being watchful not to infringe the rights of others” says Reverend Yabaki.


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