The Research Section of the CCF is a support function that carries out regular monitoring and is involved in a number of specific projects which monitor and evaluate the current state of affairs in the country as related to CCF’s pillar areas of:

  1. Good Governance, Citizenship and Human Rights Education;
  2. Facilitating a Pathway to Sustainable Democracy; and
  3. Countering Racism and Promoting Multiculturalism

These projects and ongoing activities allow the organization a platform from which it can critically analyze State policies, national planning and development projects.
The Research Section works closely with all other teams of CCF and the information provided by research staff plays a key role in CCF’s advocacy, strategic planning and internal continual improvement efforts.

Some of the current areas of research for CCF include research on land issues, multiculturalism and inter-ethnic relations in Fiji, civic education, Fiji’s compliance to the International Convention for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and research on government policies and political systems.

Research papers produced aim to open dialogue around these critical issues.

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