Racialised Leadership

Postdate: 12/ 09/ 2007

The Editor
Fiji Sun
Suva .

Dear Editor

Filipe Tuisawau’s advocacy of the three legged stool (07/09/07) comes across as an incitement towards instability and reeks with racialised politics.

Where is the clear message from a Lotu which called for Sunday ban during the Macuata conference but now retracting it?

The Department of Fisheries advice to the Lotu was treated as a joke when 47 turtles instead of 3 were slaughtered for the Methodist Conference last month.

A Church leader known to be a supporter of a particular Fijian political party comes out with misinformation about the People’s Charter in saying that it’s a device to delay elections by 20 years. In reality the Charter does not exist at the moment but will be prepared by the NCBBF consultative process.

Qarase is described as legitimate political leader of the Fijian people when in fact during his reign as PM he manipulated the law to reward 2000 coup makers. Our concern is what has happened to the inclusive visionary national leadership?

Filipe Tuisawau represents the manipulative, unscrupulous community leadership which an aspiring multiracial country can easily do without. He shows no real respect for democracy which is based on accommodation and full participation of all diverse groups that belong to Fiji.

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