Municipal elections essential to local democracy: CCF


The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum is calling on Government to put up a timeframe for municipal elections.

“Municipal elections are essential to enhance the localisation of democracy and we would like to urge Government to put a more conducive timeframe for the duration of these activities and eventually the elections,” said CCF Chief Executive Officer Sara Bulutani.

Mr Bulutani made the following remarks after observing Government’s position on the municipal elections during the Parliamentary setting on Monday 25th April 2016.

“We welcome Government’s intention to hold municipal elections after the amendment to the Local Government Act and other related laws. However, this was precisely the Government’s position last year,” said Mr Bulutani.

The CCF is pleased to learn of the Minister for Local Government Hon. Parveen Kumar’s revelation that the work has begun on municipal elections such as community consultations on the town boundaries and amendment to the Town & Country Planning Act.

The CEO stated that municipal elections does not merely enhance local democracy, but provides the ratepayers an opportunity to elect their own administrators to the city and town councils. Furthermore, ratepayers have not had the opportunity to participate in municipal elections for more than a decade.

Therefore, CCF calls on the Government to expedite the process of municipal elections to enhance the legitimacy of localised democracy.




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