Moot Court follow up


The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum was happy to host the two participants from last year’s moot court competition; the University of  the  South  Pacific  and  Fiji National University to lunch to acknowledge their effort during the event in 2016.

The 2016 moot court competition that was successfully held in the Fiji High Court Room 2, Suva on 16 September 2016 attempted to improve awareness and generate interest of human rights law and practice amongst law students. Most importantly to highlight the practical implications of human rights law on the Right Holders claiming their rights and the Duty Bearer’s obligation to comply with human rights law.

Best mooter, University of the South Pacific student Ziyaz Parvez said that the competition was an opportunity to improve and practice human rights law. “The moot court gave me an opportunity to test human rights law and improve my advocacy skills, it was a very interesting experience and I hope that there will be more opportunity for us and the public to witness this event,” he said.

Many of the participants described the moot court as a bridge between the knowledge and the practical experience. The overall purpose of improving student’s awareness and interest in human rights law and practice was partly CCF’s vision for hosting such events. Further, to create a demand and market for well trained human rights lawyers as the likely consequences for a healthy and robust human rights law and practice in Fiji and the Pacific Region.

The follow up session that was held  at  the  CCF  office also allowed us to hear constructive feedbacks and recommendations from the participants that will greatly assist us in preparation for the next moot court competition this year.

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