Lack of a succession plan.

Postdate: 21/ 08/ 2011

The Citizens Constitutional Forum notes the recent appointment of senior military officers within the civil service raising questions on how these reflect on the succession plans put in place by the Public Service Commission and the growing militarization of senior government positions.

Last week, PSCannounced the appointment of Lt. Col. Inia Seruiratu as Acting Permanent Secretary for Provincial Development and National Disaster Management, Major Ilai Moceica as acting Commissioner Northern and Major Ned Taito as CWM Hospital general manager.

While the intention of these appointment’s may well be to address the current needs within the various Ministry’s and Departments to hasten public service reforms, it may well be more change-effective if these are made with the current career civil servants who can see real opportunities to step up into such key positions and be champions of relevant sustainable reforms said CCF CEO Reverend Akuila Yabaki.

“During a transitional period it is prudent to appoint those with the relevant experience in specialist positions as this would set in motion long term plans, post 2014, to increase and maintain the desired and expected standards of performance and services delivery.

The CCF notes that the Public Service Commission should move towards implementing the recommendations under Pillar four of the Peoples charter for change peace and progress which highlights the need to separate the PSC’s constitutional and statutory powers and strengthen its independence and to consider the issue of good governance in key leadership roles.

Reverend Yabaki stresses that, “for a successful transition, it is vital to instil public confidence, not only in the appointee’s but in the appointment process and the appointing authority as a matter of practicing good governance”.

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