International Peace Day 2019

Students performed dance items to celebrate World Peace Day at the school hall.

The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) celebrates International Peace Day with the students and staff of Ratu Emeri Primary School in the district of Kubulau, Bua through a donation of books. The donation of books is hoped to be a tool for students in cultivating their knowledge and creative thinking in terms of peace building. This is made possible with the kind assistance of Bread for the World | Brot für die Welt.
September 21 annually marks International Peace Day.

The day commemorates the efforts of those who have worked to eliminate conflict and promote peace. This year’s celebration raises awareness on the theme ‘Climate Action for Peace’ which reminds us of our responsibility to care for our environment and the world we live in. We remember peoples displaced by natural disasters and those currently facing issues due to the effects of climate change in Fiji.

The Bua Provincial Council has reported on its website that effects of Climate Change and rising sea levels have become quite visible on many of the coastal villages in Bua. The Council reported that island ecosystems of Yaqaga, Yadua, Galoa and Tavea have been ravaged by surging tides due to the impact of Climate Change. There have also been water supply issues and rising tides eroding the foreshores.

Teachers, students and CCF staff during a group photo to end the days celebration

CCF firmly believes that through education awareness and active citizenry issues such as the impacts of climate change could be lessened.

Happy International Peace Day from the team at the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum.

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