Supports the CCF vision of nation building of promoting equality, justice and peace, respecting the rule of law and democracy and ensuring respect for fundamental rights and freedoms through its activities


The main aim of this program is to empower the people through training and education for greater awareness and understanding and use the concepts of human rights and responsibilities, good governance practices and active citizenship to be able to make informed choices and participate meaningfully in their own development and nation building.


i)        gain greater understanding and use of human rights, good governance, citizenship concepts and use it their everyday life

ii)      apply knowledge gained to bring about attitudinal/behavioral changes/system changes in the development of their communities.

iii)    To encourage greater participation on local and  national issues and practice active citizenship by participation in the democratic process

iv)     to make appropriate changes in decision making structures, policies, reporting mechanisms based on good governance principles and observing human rights principles

Major Strategies:   

i.            Creating strategic partnership with key community institutions and partners to assist in the facilitation of the program activities.

i)                    The  program targets key community leaders, community based organizations as they influence changes at the community level

ii)                  The training program curriculum is “outcome and impact driven ” for measure of impact

iii)                Continuous monitoring and evaluation the impact of the program activities

Key Training Component: Human Rights and Responsibilities, Good Governance and Leadership, Active Citizenship with the integration of the democratic processes

Program Activities

  1. Community Leaders Workshops

This activity aims for greater understanding and use of human rights and responsibilities, good governance, citizenship concepts and encourage participation in community issues and importantly on the Constitution and the electoral process.

  1. Community Based Organizations Workshops

Empowers Community Based Organizations to be advocates and reinforces the principles of human rights, good governance, and citizenship linking it to the electoral process.

  1. Follow Up Workshops

Assess the outcomes and impact of the education program activities and to further improve the program.

  1. National Budget Advocacy

Empowers the people to gain awareness the processes of the national budget and be able to identify community needs development projects and make submissions to the national budget. 

5.       Essay competition

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