DUA project assists communities with a rights based approach to development


In an effort to create more awareness on citizenship, governance and democracy in rural communities, the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) has managed to complete at least 11 workshops on leadership and good governance along with the Bill of Rights and rights based approach to development.

The workshops were conducted at three provinces; Cakaudrove, Naitasiri and Ra covering at least 32 villages from the different provinces in 2016.

CCF imparts knowledge and skills for participants on the processes and practices of democratic participation and the importance of decision making  within  communities. It also aims to build capacities and confidence to enable better engagement within the community and local authorities for proposed developments.

“The participants were taken through a needs assessment process using the rights based approach.

This is important because it offers clarification to the participants especially leaders on how projects need to be consulted and endorsed for development to take place,” said Education Support Officer Viniana Cakau.

Ms Cakau added that many village proposals were sent but nothing had been done because the proper processes were not followed.

“The Women’s  group  sent a letter of request to the Ministry of Women for a Resource Center project but nothing became of it. I would think that they did not submit a proposal in the correct format; that is a project paper instead of just a letter and the importance of meeting deadlines, which they were not aware off,” said Ms Cakau.

After the workshop, the participants had a fair idea about formal procedures and following them, to ensure that local authorities assist them in village development.

The project is supported by the European Union, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Conciliation Resources.



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