Constitution Making in the 21st Century.

Constitution Making in the 21st Century.

The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum and the School of Government, Development and International Affairs, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of the South Pacific will be holding a public lecture this Thursday November 3rd on “Constitution Making in the 21st Century”.

The Public lecture will be delivered by Professor Cheryl Saunders, Personal Chair in Law, Associate Dean, Melbourne Law Masters. Professor Saunders is a laureate professor and teaches in both the JD and the MLM and is the founding Director of  the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies. 

She has specialist interests in constitutional law and comparative public law, including federalism and intergovernmental relations and constitutional design and change, on all of which she has written widely. She has recently published The Australian Constitution: A Contextual Analysis (Hart Publishing, 2011) and is presently working on a monograph on comparative constitutional law.

 She has held visiting positions at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Paris II, Georgetown, Indiana (Bloomington), Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Fribourg, Capetown and Auckland. She is President Emeritus of the International Association of Constitutional Law and the International Association of Centers for Federal Studies and a former President of the Administrative Review Council of Australia.

In addition to her research and teaching activities, Cheryl Saunders is active in public debate on constitutional matters in Australia and internationally.

“About 90 constitutions have been developed over the last 20 years around the world and they all show variations in their approaches” states CEO Reverend Akuila Yabaki.

“The steps required for putting together Fiji’s next constitution is expected to commence soon. The various models used to draft constitutions vary from country to country based on the political climate, demography and national circumstances which would lead to free, fair and inclusive democratic elections and ensure stability and economic growth for its people” says Reverend Yabaki.

The public lecture will be held at Lecture room SO24,USP Laucala Bay Upper Campus from 7pm to 9pm this Thursday 3rd November 2011 and media outlets are invited to send a reporter and photographer to cover the event.

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