CCF welcomes new FSC CEO

The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) welcomes the appointment of Mr. Graham Clark as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC).

The FSC, as the country’s largest private sector employer, deserves a robust and dynamic leadership to resuscitate it from its gloomy days which hindered the growth of the Corporation. However, one hopes that the new CEO Mr. Clark will be able to execute his duties diligently considering his extensive expertise in sugar industries worldwide.

Meanwhile, the CCF is calling on the Ministry of Sugar and law enforcement agencies to expedite thorough investigations on the former FSC Executive Chairman Mr. Abdul Khan for allegations of mismanagement, abuse of office and poor governance procedures (”Former FSC boss faces probe” FT 24/11/16).

“In our submissions on the two Sugar Industry Bills to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economic Affairs last year, CCF called on the government to carry out investigations and hold those responsible within and outside of the FSC accountable for the ballooned debt and mismanagement since this is a mockery of good governance, accountability and transparency,” said Mr. Bulutani Mataitawakilai, the CEO for CCF.

Mr. Mataitawakilai is optimistic that significant reforms within the FSC will be a focus of priority for Mr. Clark, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and sustainable and prudent management in order to effectively serve the needs of the sugar industry and those it affects.

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