CCF Welcomes Appointments of Members of the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission

Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) welcomes the appointments of the chairperson and members of the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission (HRADC) on 8 May.

Previous concerns over the restoration of the HRADC have now eased with the appointment of members who have a wide spectrum of experience including the civil society and non-government organisations. CCF now looks forward to the reinstatement of the Commission’s earlier vigilant and robust form. With these appointments, the CCF anticipates working closely with the body on human rights issues particularly the promotion of multiculturalism and guaranteeing human rights for all Fijians.

“CCF has been eagerly awaiting the restored functionality of the Commission, pursuant to its Constitutional mandate and now looks forward to collaboration with the Commission on human rights and anti-discrimination issues in Fiji for the benefit of all Fijians,” said CCF’s Programme Manager, Ken Cokanasiga.

“The Commission will allow people who have been discriminated against on racial and ethnic grounds, as well as other grounds, to file complaints with the Commission. The Commission can investigate complaints and take steps for appropriate redress if human rights have been violated.” said Mr Cokanasiga.

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