CCF host West Papuan student in Fiji

The Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) was honored to host a West Papuan (Indonesia) Journalist, Alfonsa Jumkson Wayap, for a week in May.

Wayap who is in the country learning English at the Pacific Theological College (PTC) for three months helped CCF’s Communications Officer in media monitoring.

After her one-week internship, Wayap said she has learned the importances of reading news, working as team and being punctual to work.

“ I ‘am used to writing back home, but coming to CCF I have learned the reporting styles in Fiji. I have also learned that as I Journalist, I should read what other media reporting, in the newspapers and Internet,” said Wayap who is employed as a Journalist back at home.

“ I also able to learn to work as a team, be punctual to work and work hard,” she added.

“The staff at CCF were very supportive and resourceful towards me. When I was not sure about something they taught me how to do it and I will use all that I have learned here when I return home,”

CCF would like to wish Wayap good luck in her studies in Fiji and her work.

(CEO, Rev Akuila Yabaki with Alfonsa Wayap)
(CEO, Rev Akuila Yabaki with Alfonsa Wayap)





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