The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum is concerned w

17ith the increase in assault on police officers over the last six months. The latest separate attacks on two police officers is an indication that some people have lost value on the role and duty of police officers who are there to protect all citizens from criminal elements in our society.

While we do not condone police brutality and torture against suspects and civilians by security officers, CCF also does not condone the attacks on police and security personnel during the course of duty. The increase in attacks on police officers have indicated that some individuals and groups have no respect towards law enforcing officers and are therefore considered as threats to our society in general.

Citizens should be mindful that they need to exercise their Rights with Responsibilities. One of that is to be law abiding citizens and respect authorities and must have the ability to take authorities to account for their conduct. People should control their emotions when dealt with by police officers in the conduct of their lawful duties; similarly people expect their rights to be respected by the police even when under arrest.

The CCF is calling for efficient lawful actions on those who threatened our society by assaulting police officers.

For further information please contact CCF Communications Officer Mr. Gregory Ravoi via or call 330 8379.

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